"Barbed Wire Scrub" © Bonnie Feaster Chapa

New Bonnie Chapa Art: “Barbed Wire Scrub”

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“Barbed Wire Scrub” © Bonnie Feaster Chapa
Created and reworked January 2015 from an original photo Bonnie Feaster Chapa took in Troy, Texas, December 7, 2013.

This photo was taken the same day I took the photo of the longhorn used for my “Day of The Dead Longhorn”.  That day it was 21 degrees and miserably cold.  You can read my story about the longhorn inspiration here at this link.

Today, it’s raining and cold….continually cold….like Spring will never come to Texas and I have decided that this kind of weather is putting a serious damper on my usual surge of creativity.  I know me.  My most creative times are when the sun is shining and I am out in it.

When faced with this challenge of being cooped up and feeling like I am choking on mud and slush and gray everywhere, there is a creative beast in there wanting to get out, but locked up so, when I throw that beast a bone on days like this….”Barbed Wire Scrub” is what comes out.  Completely the opposite of the color infused images I create normally.

While some may say, “But, in it’s own right, this is still creative…..”, I will agree.  Yes.  But does it say what I want it to say?  Does it tell a story?  Is it LOUDLY screaming joy, happiness and laughter?  In the case of “Barbed Wire Scrub” the color is in the clouds.  The color is on the horizon.  The color will return eventually, we just have to wait for the rain to go away and the ice to melt so we can venture beyond the cold, harsh, sharp barbed wire.  And when that sun comes out….I’m going over the fence.  That scrubby little tree is going to BLOOM!
Hand signed by Bonnie Feaster Chapa.  Art Available At Bonnie Chapa’s Etsy Store Ridin On The Right Side

"Barbed Wire Scrub" © Bonnie Feaster Chapa

“Barbed Wire Scrub” © Bonnie Feaster Chapa

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