Day of The Dead Longhorn © Bonnie Feaster Chapa

New Bonnie Chapa Art: “Day Of The Dead Longhorn”

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It was 21 degrees and in our part of Texas, although that does happen and temperatures fluctuate wildly, that day in particular I was out to find “something” I had in my head that only that kind of weather brings.  I was looking for ice and barbed wire.

I found something beyond the barbed wire; a new calf with this Longhorn mama.  She wasn’t as thrilled to see me as I was her.  The cold spell we had came on as a first big freeze so the grass wasn’t completely dead yet and the pasture she was in looked like a quilt.  An icy, colorful grass quilt and there she stood right in the middle of it all protecting her newborn calf.

As she and I stared back at each other, I started to notice exactly why she intimidated me so.  It wasn’t the fact she was a cow (been around plenty), or those long horns, or that she was a new mama ready to trample the life out of me….nope, it was her face.  All that color around her and I saw the markings on her face and it was like a skull.  Respecting her and her calf was a given, but she delivered her intentions well:  “Get in my pasture and it will be The Day of The Dead, girl.”

All the vivid color around her and that stark skull face; 21 degrees outside, with ice and barbed wire inside, all the way down into her soul.

Created from an original photo Bonnie Feaster Chapa took in Troy, Texas December 7, 2013.
Hand signed by Bonnie Feaster Chapa.  Art Available At Bonnie Chapa’s Etsy Store Ridin On The Right Side

Day of The Dead Longhorn © Bonnie Feaster Chapa

Day of The Dead Longhorn © Bonnie Feaster Chapa

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