"I Put The I CAN In Pelican" © Bonnie Feaster Chapa

New Bonnie Chapa Art: “I Put The I CAN in Pelican”

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“I Put The I CAN in Pelican” © Bonnie Feaster Chapa
Created from an original photo Bonnie Feaster Chapa took Port Aransas,Texas, June 2014.

One morning I was up wide awake at 5AM. Startled actually. I just woke up from a dream about a pelican. Sitting on the edge of my bed, I realized I had a picture of a pelican I have been meaning to go back to and work on.
In my dream this bird was telling me to get up, get busy. I looked up what dreaming about pelicans means. Jung says that the pelican could illustrate the process of realization in which new insights emerge, die, go back into the unconscious and return again.
Coincidence? I don’t know but that bird had been in the back of my mind for a while ….. goals I had been thinking about for 2015…..things I had not finished….and that very day, the bird took flight and became this.
As I was working on my pelican, I wondered, does my pelican look for direction or does my pelican look out knowing exactly where it’s going to go?
I have decided: that is a determined bird. He puts the I CAN in Pelican.
Hand signed by Bonnie Feaster Chapa.  Art Available At Bonnie Chapa’s Etsy Store Ridin On The Right Side

"I Put The I CAN In Pelican" © Bonnie Feaster Chapa

“I Put The I CAN In Pelican” © Bonnie Feaster Chapa

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