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Here To Stay © Bonnie Feaster Chapa

New Bonnie Chapa Art: “Here To Stay”

Written by Bonnie Chapa on . Posted in Bonnie's Art Gallery

Created from an original photo taken by Bonnie Feaster Chapa May 2014, in Troy, Texas.

There is something about this bird.

Rising above the thorny harsh mesquite out in that Texas pasture.

He was there by himself and he flew from spot to spot but always watched us out there on those 4 wheelers and I, there with my camera.

There is so much more to this story….creative clog sucks.  Nothing was coming out the way I wanted it.  I would try and try and get discouraged knowing eventually it would come, but this bird…..he knows.  I poured it all in there and he came flying out saying, “Tough, thorny, sharp, loud, out there, different, alone…whatever it is….you can’t knock me off my branch.  I’m here to stay.”

Special thanks to my long time friend Tonya Sacket for allowing my boys and I to come out and play.  We were chasing sunsets and bluebonnets before they were gone.  We had so much fun that day.

If it’s just killing ya to know what kind of bird this is, you can read all about it by clicking the link below 🙂

Hand signed by Bonnie Feaster Chapa.  Art Available At Bonnie Chapa’s Etsy Store Ridin On The Right Side

Here To Stay © Bonnie Feaster Chapa