Things That Inspire Bonnie

The photos below are photos I have taken along the way while “Ridin’ On The Right Side”.  Usually, the way it goes down is someone drives and I am riding shotgun surveying for the next great thing to inspire me.  Sometimes it’s as easy as walking down a riverbank or being out in a pasture off some dirt road.  Sometimes, inspiration comes from the cracks in the sidewalk right in the middle of downtown in some big town.  Most of the time, I surprise myself with the things that I see.  Some jump out at me and I know it the instant I see it.  Others, they hold a mystery that has to sit awhile until I figure out why it drew my attention the way it did.

These photos are what I look at when I need some inspiration or need to remember how blessed I am to really be able to see these amazing things around me, take these trips with my friends and family and, in turn, to be able to share them with you.  Each one has a story.  If you have any questions about any of them, just leave a comment below.

I will be adding more soon!  I have TONS of them.  🙂


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